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Like last year, here I am again with the “project” for the birthday of our flea. I will not go into a chat, in fact I will be brief and direct. Also this year, I’m going to make a video, but this time I want to do differently aka I want to do more cute and nice.
We have 7.600 fans, so I want to involve more people and not a few as it was last year. You said several times that she would like to visit Italy a lot, then this video will take the opportunity to let her know the good that we feel for you and all our support.
As mentioned, this time I want to do more cute and nice, so here’s the ❛regole❜:
• You have to send me a photo (later I will tell you where) and this time I leave you free choice. You can write on a sheet “Happy Birthday Arden” and make a selfie, or edit a photo or a collage. You choose.
• This year you can make a video and you can say all you want (of course wish her happy birthday lol). It must be short and the voice should be heard.

▶ The picture/collage you can send them in page private message. Twitter ☛https: //☚ using #ArdenChoBirthdayProjectITALIA or email [email protected] using as object ❝Arden Cho Birthday Project ITALIA❞.
▶ The videos you’ll have them uploaded to Youtube (so that they can download) and you can send the link here on the page as a private message and email [email protected] using as object ❝Arden Cho Birthday Project ITALY video ❞.
▶ The DEADLINE is August 13.

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